Teri Untalan returns to collab on EU6!

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Teri Untalan returned to my studio after about 10 years absence since recording on The Tide Decides. Teri is amazing and we had so much fun recording 3 pieces from what will be EU6! -EM


Teri stilll 3-10-2017

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Review and recommendation of It’s Time For Winter from AEA Zine HERE


It’s Time For Winter: Echo Us Prepare the Solstice with a new Animated Music Video

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Echo Us | Ethan Matthews | Feb 2015 on KRVM

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Below the Orkus clipping is a radio interview now from “the vault”, discussing various things that were happening right around, and shortly thereafter the release of A Priori Memoriae…




Echo Us v-log 8-13-2016

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To Begin An Echo Us Epilogue, A New Home.

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The longest Echo Us hiatus has now ended. A new studio site for 2016 and beyond, new music, and for the fall and winter, some ‘moving’ images to bathe in…

DSCF0016 …in 2017 Echo Us will release it’s 5th full length album. From early 2015-2016 I spent much of my time blending into rafters. The cubbie holes in various coffee shops and cafes. DSCF0026






Something different yet again strikes, the noise dissipating just a  bit…everything is quiet here comparatively so…



My mind is blank, a clean slate. The 5th came from remnants of the others. The Echo Us epi-logue. When it’s time for winter, the inland empire is where we enter…



almost unhinged…

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