Brand new album, or unreleased album with DVD?

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From Ethan: I would love it if you would answer a one question survey so I can see what kind of project might pique your interest most. I’m considering releasing a DVD of Inland Empire and all video material produced since 2010, OR releasing a brand new album of all new material.

1. Release of Inland Empire as a DVD, with all Echo Us videoclips and background stories. Only 1 track from IE has ever been released. (preview It’s Time For Winter: )
2. Release of the newest album (in progress now) – tentatively titled “You See…If You Can Imagine…”
A soundcloud link to one rough mix from the album:…/if-you-can-imagine-rough-m…/s-g48xc
How people digest music these days is ever changing, even within physical media itself, so your input is much appreciated! Wishing you a fantastic holiday season as we get ever closer to 2019!

the music video for may morning dew (celtic-trad.) is released! up next week is “aeriel”!

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Echo Us in Orkus! this month!

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Friday brought the arrival of the latest edition of Orkus! to Portland, Oregon USA – Echo Us’ To Wake a Dream in Moving Water is reviewed inside with a feature interview about the creation of the album- visit to list and the Echo Us store to purchase Echo Us’ latest!


View the Making of the Wake album on youtube…

Some perspectives on To Wake a Dream in Moving Water…

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PROG MAGAZINE: this LP is a significant achievement, combining influences from Fripp and Eno, Floyd, Oldfield and Ianaudi to make a distinctive whole.


Echo Us To Wake a Dream in Moving Water on PROGARCHIVES.

CDs coming soon to AMAZON (all over the world) – distributor (for this album happens to be CDBaby) is late getting CD listings up. In the US you can purchase direct from in Germany Just For Kicks.



To Wake a Dream in Moving Water is released in Europe!

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Echo Us’ To Wake a Dream in Moving Water” is now out in Europe and the USA! View the latest videoclip, Begin to Remember below and proceed to the store for exclusive offers – the Echo Us debut ships at no cost to every order placed of “To Wake a Dream in Moving Water”.

Echo Us’ To Wake a Dream in Moving Water is released stateside!

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Some preliminary thoughts from Europe available at the below links, as well as the brand new videoclip for Begin to Remember vr1! preorder offer extended at the store!

To Wake a Dream in Moving Water PREORDERS now Available from!

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All preorders ship with a free copy of the 2005 S/T debut start 11/1/2017! PREORDER HERE

Sound Samples HERE

Echo Us News from Sea of Tranquility

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Sea of Tranquility features upcoming news about the release of To Wake a Dream in Moving Water! Click HERE to read.

Enjoy the album preview on YOUTUBE and find out about preorder offers from coming available in November! (tracklist is published below)

Release Dates:
Nov 29th (USA)
Dec 6th (Europe)

Echo Us / To Wake a Dream in Moving Water

1). Awakening Current [7.42]
2). Aeriel (Satre Dance) [4:40]
3). Begin to Remember vr 1 [4:55]
4). Begin to Remember vr 2 [6:11]
5). May Morning Dew [4:17]
6). From the Highlands [15:27]
7). Doina [5:25]
8). To Wake a Dream in Moving Water [14:29]

ECHO US: New Arrival at Progarchy HQ

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Just out of the mailbox–a beautifully packaged prog album from ECHO US.  Eager to dive into this one.

to wake a dream

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Echo Us “To Wake a Dream in Moving Water” video announcement

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New v-log, announcing Echo Us’ 5th studio album, “To Wake a Dream in Moving Water”:

Press release HERE