something coming…

January 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

What a wonderfully quiet weekend I was wondering. How did this become? In between my workings I approached a state where I did not feel compelled to do much. But while I was working I felt like chilling, and while chilling I wondered why I was not working. Perhaps the reason is the silent surroundings. People make one need to push away, concentrate, stick one’s head in the intellectual quicksand so to speak. I remember doing homework after schooldays in 1st grade. I would be at the daycare, and being now older than the rest I had to find my concentration.


At first it seemed impossible, but slowly I learned to work off of what was going on around me. It was the noise. The need to escape it without offending. The answer was to work, for the introvert in me. Today one might use their phone or computer in a public place to avoid. Doing it with a book is even more questionable, but is my preferred method of ignorance. Why be out in public at all if not to socialize? Simple- Energy. We certainly do not need to “talk” to talk. Not even eyes are needed…just space, coming and going all around will do.



I am reminded of why I enjoy my space, and have never swam far, whether in a small pool or a sea. What it is too need, is not always for me.


They all went to a game, over a third of them, the same.

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