A place not here…

March 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

So just what is this place I commonly know as “the other”. At least “the other” is what many experienced with altered states my call it. A closer name might be “underground” but that conjures up images of cross-culture to easily.

I always think of this place as “down and to the right” from my normal state in the world. It is filled with windows and what I can only describe as fiber-optic cable connects thousands of small dwellings. Overall, the scene is part the fragle-rock underground and an Italian city-on-a-mountain-over-the-sea. I think this must be why I like ‘old country’ architecture so much better…or even new england and Boston…

When I’ve been there consciously, so to speak it feels chaotic and somewhat scary- but only scary because of its seeming unfamiliarness to my normal everyday world I experience. I know when I go hear I tend to feel as if everything and everyone is instantly connected. I feel as though I won’t get back to the everyday world, and it’s kind of scary. Like I would just drift away and “be gone” from the world. I worry then about whether I might be missed by others on earth, or if on that level I am actually still carrying on as always.

This place is almost like the “genesis-ground” from which everything springs. I do not dream of this place, at least as so far as I can remember. Rather, I’ve only experienced it in waking altered states of consciousness. Anyone ever been to this place besides me? I’d imagine so, but one might not realize it in usual terms.

I need a good name for it to refer to in our “real world”.

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