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March 26, 2014 § Leave a comment


A big number of things going on the past month and more, and it is time to use this thing again! We’ve first got the exciting news that the new album will be released on Dust On The Tracks Records from Germany-  The release will have great availability (Sony / Made In Germany / Universal Canada distributors) compared to previous releases.


We are targeted for June-ish- more frequent updates as we move along. The developments allow me to more fully explore the live show aspect of Echo Us, which I’ve wanted to for over a year now, and that we’ve started last fall as an acoustic duo and trio.


The ferocity with which I am capable of in the studio is still there as evidenced by all the work going on the past few weeks, partially in preparing ambient electronics for new shows- for Echo Us at least, I am stocked up on music for now, with another album already done as a possible followup to A Priori Memoriae.


All that said- more to come as we move closer. is the address for press requests of all kinds, and of course contact can also be made with DOTT directly–  A press release and things of that nature will be distributed shortly.


More later, I don’t divulge much online, but I’ll try and write more frequently… !    -E

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