Echo Us it IS!

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I wanted to actually speak up about this, and hopefully in as nice a tone as possible, even though the subject frustrates me slightly.


Over the years many journalists, reviewers, even random posters on web boards I’ve been directed to, bloggers, you name it- especially those from outside predominantly English-speaking country’s mistake the name “Echo Us” to be, or mean: “Echo U.S.” – Another common misspelling is “Echos US”. Essentially, this spells out “Echo United States”. bah! (see my further extrapolation about miscommunications below).

I hope I can clear up that “Us” simply means “We” in the case of Echo Us (and without getting into grammar-nazi clarifications here, it’s like saying in a sentence “Arthur will echo us in his findings and research”. Echo Us, in the context of the music created under its banner, refers to a ‘metaphysical circle of consciousness’, and can really become whatever the listener wants it to be, or sees within it.

I came up with the name in 1999. I was not trying to differentiate the name from any other groups calling themselves “Echo” from other countries (of which there are probably many). Echo Us is the only “Echo Us” operating in a musical context. Also, I never meant to call this project ‘Echo’. It is called Echo Us.

This will sound even more ridiculous, but I also don’t want anyone to get the idea that the name has ANY political connotation at all. The language barrier, however presents a situation where this can, and I believe HAS happened on occasion. The last thing I’d ever want is anyone thinking this name is some kind of a political statement by me or anyone associated with the project. Believe me, I won’t burden the blog or anywhere else on the web with my political leanings, but they definitely are not in support of anything my country stands for these days.

Thought this needed to be said after 10+ years- email if you’ve got further thoughts for me to consider on why this misunderstanding persists- Would love to hear it!

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10 things to find out about A Priori Memoriae…

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Soon for elaboration!

               To hear sound samples from the new album… II:XII, A Priori Memoriae Trailer…

10facts copy

Release Date Update

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There is one quick alteration to everything, in fact Sep 19th will be the exact day in Europe instead of the 12th, on the positive side, the UK only has to wait 3 more days from the original date! (the 15th!).

The full press release is here:

I am developing a live set right now. Actually it’s pretty much done, parts are written / lead sheet-ed for bass, and all the electronics are prepared. If anyone knows a drummer that enjoys playing to electronics I’d love to find someone more permanent (we have a few interested drummers, but none are probably long-termers for the project).

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