From past to future…

July 30, 2017 § Leave a comment

The year is half way over since I started this new celtic music project for Echo Us. So excited that this fall and winter will feature one of my first compositions for release, ever- in newly updated form and recorded on a hammered dulcimer, which was really the instrument it was meant for. Original version released in the UK in 1997 is here:

Satre Dance (now titled “Aeriel”) came out in an era when Greyhaven was my focus. Some new photos from the early years were found recently, amidst this bunch (below). It was at Lane Community College where Satre Dance was originally recorded. Since I did not have a speaker simulator on my old ADA preamp, Nate Howard (Greyhaven guitarist) let me borrow his guitar processor for the session, which actually took place at one of LCC’s music synthesis workstations. -Ethan

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