Brand new album, or unreleased album with DVD?

December 2, 2018 § Leave a comment

From Ethan: I would love it if you would answer a one question survey so I can see what kind of project might pique your interest most. I’m considering releasing a DVD of Inland Empire and all video material produced since 2010, OR releasing a brand new album of all new material.

1. Release of Inland Empire as a DVD, with all Echo Us videoclips and background stories. Only 1 track from IE has ever been released. (preview It’s Time For Winter: )
2. Release of the newest album (in progress now) – tentatively titled “You See…If You Can Imagine…”
A soundcloud link to one rough mix from the album:…/if-you-can-imagine-rough-m…/s-g48xc
How people digest music these days is ever changing, even within physical media itself, so your input is much appreciated! Wishing you a fantastic holiday season as we get ever closer to 2019!

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