To Wake a Dream in Moving Water PREORDERS now Available from!

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All preorders ship with a free copy of the 2005 S/T debut start 11/1/2017! PREORDER HERE

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Echo Us News from Sea of Tranquility

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Sea of Tranquility features upcoming news about the release of To Wake a Dream in Moving Water! Click HERE to read.

Enjoy the album preview on YOUTUBE and find out about preorder offers from coming available in November! (tracklist is published below)

Release Dates:
Nov 29th (USA)
Dec 6th (Europe)

Echo Us / To Wake a Dream in Moving Water

1). Awakening Current [7.42]
2). Aeriel (Satre Dance) [4:40]
3). Begin to Remember vr 1 [4:55]
4). Begin to Remember vr 2 [6:11]
5). May Morning Dew [4:17]
6). From the Highlands [15:27]
7). Doina [5:25]
8). To Wake a Dream in Moving Water [14:29]

ECHO US: New Arrival at Progarchy HQ

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Just out of the mailbox–a beautifully packaged prog album from ECHO US.  Eager to dive into this one.

to wake a dream

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Echo Us “To Wake a Dream in Moving Water” video announcement

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New v-log, announcing Echo Us’ 5th studio album, “To Wake a Dream in Moving Water”:

Press release HERE

On Re-composition….

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Amazing how time flies, Chrysalisespecially when you are the kind of alien that doesn’t count the hours.

In 2007 I began what would end up being my first foray into multi-album suites. Tomorrow Will Tell The Story was always set to be the successor to The Tide Decides, but at first it was not planned that they would begin the multi-album trilogy that they began. The Tide Decides was always meant to be a concept album on its own, at its outset inspired by the grim facts, as well as pre-cognitions of a planet and species bent on ecological disaster. The concept came to me in late 2003 and morphed from its grim beginnings into a metaphysical and metaphorical fairy tale about the life of one human being, and the life of the earth running at the same speed, to death do us part ways.


The Tide Decides began after a rather drug-filled period of my life in college, and as it’s compositions worked themselves out in a number of ways, it became apparent that there was not only one ‘version’ of the album, but at least two. People (including musicians) have often scoffed at me as to why I could see the album in multiple ways / arrangements / orchestrations. Although I was already attuned to such flights of fancy, never had I been so inundated by differing and divergent paths that a piece of music could take. I still have the original early demos which had almost zero guitar and were primarily built from electronic sounds. The final version of The Tide Decides ended out being a 50-50 split between real acoustic instrumentation and the original electronic approach.


One thing my musician friends over the years have noted is that I have a strange ability and fascination with rearranging, reorchestrating, and even re-composition. On the upcoming album slated for release later this year, I’ve gone completely full circle with this approach and produced two entirely different versions of the same song, titled Begin to Remember vr 1, and vr 2. I am officially calling it a “double song”, vr 1 is completely acoustic, and vr 2 is completely electronic. Their lyrics are exactly the same. The only thing else that is the same is bits of melody, and the meter.


From past to future…

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The year is half way over since I started this new celtic music project for Echo Us. So excited that this fall and winter will feature one of my first compositions for release, ever- in newly updated form and recorded on a hammered dulcimer, which was really the instrument it was meant for. Original version released in the UK in 1997 is here:

Satre Dance (now titled “Aeriel”) came out in an era when Greyhaven was my focus. Some new photos from the early years were found recently, amidst this bunch (below). It was at Lane Community College where Satre Dance was originally recorded. Since I did not have a speaker simulator on my old ADA preamp, Nate Howard (Greyhaven guitarist) let me borrow his guitar processor for the session, which actually took place at one of LCC’s music synthesis workstations. -Ethan

The Recording of The Flute(s)

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Chris Smith who played many flutes on A Priori Memoriae came back to play many more flutes for Echo Us’ upcoming Fall release!

Echo Us is moving forward with the completion of its 5th album “To Wake A Dream In Moving Water”, of which full details will become known soon. Recording is wrapped up and final mixes and masters are just about complete. I wanted to give a quick update and share some photos from the most recent recording session with Chris Smith, who also played on A Priori Memoriae. Chris is originally from Tucson, AZ and played in the symphony there. Since moving to Portland he’s become the president of the Greater Portland Flute Society, as well as playing in his own (flute) quartet and more. Chris played concert flute, piccolo, as well as contrabass flute on the new album!

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